The Great Fire Dragon

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Voyager 2 images turned into flyby video.

Source: APOD Videos via PetaPixel

I attempted to embed a video in a post today and it just wouldn’t work. I could put the embed code in, but the video wouldn’t display when viewing the post. The problem seems to have extended to the last post as well. The BBC video isn’t displaying when viewing the blog. (It is available at the BBC’s site if you want to watch it.) The odd thing is, the videos in my other previous posts are working. Anyone else having a problem embedding videos?

Source: ESA via BBC

(The video says Northern Lights, but the story says “aurora austalis” which would make it the Southern Lights.)

175 Years of Photography.

Source: Lytro via Pop Photo.

Let me clean that lens for you.

Source: GreanpeaceUSA via PetaPixel.