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In the Southern Milky Way Space Wallpaper

Source: ESO via

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In Deep Embrace Space Wallpaper.

Source: NASA/ESA via

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I have started a Kickstarter Project: 52 Weeks of Digital Art from found objects.

The goal is to create one digital image per week during the project’s period, using “found” objects.  (Found being somewhat loosely defined.)

The above image is one I have done in the past using a Haeger planter purchased at an estates auction and is the type of image to e created during the project.

If your interested in the project but don’t (or can’t) be a backer, I could always use publicity.  Reposts would be appreciated as would mentions on other social media sites.

I plan to provide updates on my blog during the project, including tips and tutorials on manipulating images digitally.

Wonder what the mice did for the cat to resort to this?

Wonder what the mice did for the cat to resort to this?

(via lalulutres)

Time lapse video of storm clouds over Kansas City.

Source: Stephen Locke via Vimeo.

Check out his homepage for more videos and still images.

Prints of this storm can be purchase from his gallery.

For those interested, this is shot from Kansas City’s Liberty Memorial.  Kansas City’s Union Station is located on the lower right when the film starts.

The four pillars in the background are on Bartle Hall and the domes just in front of that are on the Sprint Center.

(I’ve taken shots from the same spot.)